The Uganda Citizen Budget Database consists of budget data that is categorized and can be accessed in a variety of ways.

  1. Revenue: This displays Government of Uganda  Revenue sorted by:
    1. Central Revenue
    2. Local Revenue by District
  2. Budget allocations : This displays Government of Uganda expenditure by:
    1. Total Budget
    2. Releases to Central Government
    3. Transfers to Local Governments by district
    4. Transfers to Local Governments by sectors
  3. Resources: contains information from other sources that is helpful
  1. Functionality
  1. Download
  2. Show more data
  3. Export
  4. Generate Figures


The CBEG Database is divided into five Regions:


  1. The Quick Access Panel. Here one can find quick links to main areas of the CBEG Database. This helps with quick navigation to certain pages of the database.
  2. Top Menu Bar. These contain a grouped and logical collection of links to the different areas of the CBEG Database.
  3. The Graph Menu. These lead to graphs of the current data displayed
  4. The Export and Print Buttons. These allow the export of the data and printing of the current data displayed.
  1. The Main Content Area. The data sets and ranges are displayed in this window



The graph is plotted against Financial Years and Sectors. Each page on the Database displays a graph showing quick analysis of the data that is displayed.